Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Truth of Lies

     There are times when we meet someone or know someone who seems to be without conscience or a soul. We sit back and watch as they lie, cheat, steal, break hearts, and hurt the people who love them without thought or remorse. We may choose to look the other way, because hey “they're funny or their not all that bad.” I’m sure you know someone either a family member who seems to go deliberately out of their way to cause pain. Or that coworker who seems to take every opportunity to make you look bad.
     They’re that person who starts rumors that aren’t true. The family member who calls dyfs even though they know there is no issue. They can even be that person who attacks your professional or personal reputation, harming how others may see you. Usually by the time you realize they are up to no good its too late  and the damage is already done.
     These same individuals when confronted with the truth of their actions, are unable to take responsibility for their behaviors. The are the chronic victim who play on a young child's sympathy or tells the world how badly they've been treated when, in the fact that is the furthest thing from the truth.
     They're that bottom feeding relative who only shows up at funerals to see what they have inherited. Or the son or daughter that feels they have to make up stories about their parents to justify their own decisions in life. Making up stories about loved ones, and themselves to feel better about their own self image.
     There are also those individuals who have no real remorse for their actions as long as they get what they want. Lately, it seems like there are more and more of them. Desensitized by the world they live in. They would just as soon walk right over you if it means getting what they want. They can spitefully go out of their way to hurt someone who may have nothing real to do with them, all because they imagine a slight. They believe in payback, vengeance and hate.
     I’m not talking the Soprano’s kind of payback here but an imagined one. Perhaps you score higher on a test, or parked in a space they felt was theirs. As we move further into this new century the number of people like this with no real care or concern for anyone other than themselves seems to be increasing at an alarming rate.
     If you look and listen, you can even hear it in the way people talk at times. It seems any kind of moral view is now off limits. Unless of course its totally left wing and agrees with someone else's agenda. It is getting to a point where you have to be able to see the lies from the truth in any given conversation just to keep your head on straight. For many people,  this shift in the moral barometer is rather sad. Yet as a culture we seem unwilling to do anything to change it.
     There has never been a push to just be honest, or just tell the truth. We have drives for all different things today, just say no to drugs, AA,  or even anti bullying.  The basics that make us human, and ethical on some level are slowly becoming taboo. So perhaps those individuals who get away with it know something we don't. Or maybe we as a culture need to put our foot down and punk out the people who take pleasure from lying and causing harm to others.

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