Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Talk To Much...

Me in the Morning. 
People Who Drive Us Crazy
Have you ever had that one person who makes you want to gouge your eyes out. Maybe you're tempted to puncture both your eardrums so you can have five minutes of peace? You know that individual that you sit there when there incessantly talking and you're just thinking in your head, ”Please just shut the hell up already. I don’t care!!”, If you haven’t then you're either the nicest human being on the planet or your just plain old lying.
People don’t just come in all shapes and sizes they come in all different talk settings, as well. There are those you can't get to talk unless you stick a piece of dynamite under their backside and those who talk all the time and say absolutely nothing. My granny was one of those who when she was on a role could chew your ear off until you wanted to beat your head on the table. My nine year old is pretty good at it, as well.
I’ve often wondered why that is. Most of us will listen to the body language people send us when we are talking so we can tell if they're genuinely interested in what we are saying or not. If they're not we, will often politely excuse ourselves and leave.
My grandmother was famous for turning off her hearing aids after my grandfather retired. When I would come to visit she would often tell me to stop so she could turn her hearing-aids back on. As a kid,  I never really understood the whys, but I always found humor in it. Now as an adult there are times when I do wish it was that simple. I know this is not one of my more tolerant posts, so bare with me. We all get to rant now and then.
Perhaps you're wondering why I would bring this up? Well, there are times when the people who drive us crazy happen to be, the ones we love. Its part of the relationship process. For myself,  it’s that time first thing in the morning before I’ve managed to drink a cup of coffee. I just don’t want to be talked to or bothered by anyone. Yet there is always someone, “Usually my husband” who feels they have to talk to me right at that moment.

Sure I’ve tried to be nice about it sitting down and explaining that no I’m just not a morning person and please let me wake up before you talk my ear off. It is  one of the few things he does that really makes me nuts. Does he hear on this one no, fact is he is a morning person, and I am just not, so we deal with it. We accept that we are each different and try to work around it.
It’s a small price to pay when you consider that there are so many other issues we could have. Amazingly it's almost understandable today with our culture going towards texting, emails and not actually talking to one another that drives people to feel a need to talk more when they actually get a physical person to listen. So the next time someone is talking your ear off and your eyes are beginning to cross because you actually do want to gouge them out take a deep breath and just listen. Listen to what they are saying and what they're not saying. Listen for the simple reason that as humans we all need to learn how to communicate and just be there for each other.

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