Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Some Honors Are Good

          Each journey has a point where we look back and see that we have actually traveled a long way. My journey at OCC is almost over. I’ve made friends, met  some truly incredible individuals along the way and have gotten to know myself as a person. Anyone who knows me or who grew up with me knew that school was not my priority. It didn’t have my focus or attention and as a young person I felt more interest in working and making money.
     It wasn’t a wrong or right choice, I as a person wasn’t ready for school. There were brief moments where I found a love of learning in high school. One was Mr. Constance's English classes, and the other was a relatively new program called TV Workshop, where I found what it meant to create. Being where I am today, I can say that those two classes started a fire for something else inside of me that simmered and burned for years. Getting married, having my kids, and working never really put that flame out. I just never realized at the time that it was still there inside of me waiting to come alive.
     I watch some of these young people struggle with whom they are and what they want in the world. Some seem to go the same path I did, wanting to work and make that money over getting their education out of the way. What if anything can I say to them? That even though this road  will still be there later on, it may just be a little more daunting to take that first step.  Sometimes we do have to take one path to realize we need to go a different route in life. Those lessons we learn along the way can only help us to embrace the future and those dreams when we are ready to accept those challenges.
     I’ve applied for graduation, and have been busy finishing up my classes at OCC. I can tell you it has been a wonderful life changing experience that has given me more confidence in myself and my own abilities.Where do I go from here well that is still as yet to be determined.
     This week I received an invite to join Phi Theta Kappa because of  my GPA. Sitting there looking at that piece of paper in my hand, I found my eyes filling with tears. Not because that was my goal but that it was a culmination for me. My atta girl for doing the hard work. The bittersweetness of that moment and knowing that I accomplished something beyond what I had set out to do was undescribable. So when I walk up to get my diploma it will be with the Phi Theta Kappa stole and tassel over my shoulders. It's an honor I know I will share with many who have gone before.
Along with my classmates I look forward to taking the next step of my journey wherever it may lead us.

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