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National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness
       No means no! It may not be what someone wants to hear. But once uttered, it means stop! The month of April is the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month. 

     Rape, is something that has touched many lives. Its the dirty little secret, no one likes to talk about, even today. Yet 1 in every 5 women is sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Many sexual assaults, still go unreported and un-prosecuted.

What is Rape?

What is Rape?                                                                      
Eternal heartache,
Innocence lost,
Never, regained.

 For what wasn’t stopped.
It is RAGE!
Burning, submerged within.

What is Rape?                                                           
 A scream, of anguish!
Hiding, concealed inside.
Silent sobs, hemorrhaging the soul.
Begging, for release.

It is He!                                                                                                  
Who refused to believe, NO!
Means NO!
As you screamed it!
Begging him to stop!

What is Rape?                                                                       
HE sneered in your face.
Those killing statements,
                                                “She knew what she was doing.”
                                                 “Look at how she dressed; what did she think would happen?”
                                                 “She asked for it!”

What is Rape?                                                                     
He, does not discriminate!
He, drips with voracity and lust.
He, likes women, children,
And sometimes men.

HE! Can be a friend,                                                                
Who doesn’t accept, you are not interested!
HE! Can be a relative, acquaintance, or complete stranger.
HE! Can be violent, without struggle,
As you lay, frozen inside!

What is Rape?                                                                      
Lies! Letting you think, it’s your fault.
Deceiving you, distorting the truth,
Until you believe the lie.

What is Rape?                                                                                             
A malignant germ of hate,
That must be crushed.
Disregard it,
And you will be devoured alive.

Sometimes that is enough,
To escape from its hellish chains.
Take back, what is you,
Break its hold.

What is Rape?                                                                       
It’s a sisterhood of many,
Who have walked the same road of, jagged broken glass.
You may look across a room one day,
And see that same anguish, staring you in the face.
That hidden torment, you think no one can see,
You will know,
You are not alone!

What is Rape?                                                                      
Sometimes, that is the only way, to heal.
It can be a judge and jury,
Who can never understand,
Just what! It has done to you!

Forgive YOU!                                                             
You!  Didn’t cause it,
You!  Couldn’t stop it,
When he took all control!

What is Rape?                                                                      
A poison devouring you whole
Eating away,
All hopes, all dreams.
Seek help.

What is Rape?                                                                       
A path crowded with bloody footprints.

Take back your life, find your peace,
Let go of the fear go.
Take back control.

Live, heal, learn to trust, THAT!                                       
Is how you pay back rape.
One step! One day,

One dream at a time.

For more information on Rape awareness Please follow the link to. 

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