Wednesday, April 02, 2014

When it All Goes to Hell

When it All Goes to Hell

Why do we let our fears rule us?
Following the flow.
Turning like a leaf in the wind,
We drift aimlessly, until it all goes to hell.

When promises are broken,
Words of truth turned to lies,
Leaving us with empty hearts and souls.
When it all goes to hell.

We hope we dream,
We promise we won’t quit.
Yet when it gets hard we bail,
When it all goes to hell, we are nowhere to be found.

Our children, our mates, our family and friends,
All have the power to cause the most pain.
Why do we take it, swallowing our pride?
When it all goes to hell?

If dreams are what make us,
What are the nightmares that wake us in a cold sweat?
Why do we care so much?
When it all goes to hell?

We crumble, we fall, we cry out in rage.
Yet, we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes.
Letting them in, those who hurt us the most,
When it all goes to hell.

Because we care, because we love,
We look the other way,
Pretending it will be fine,

When it all goes to hell.

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