Thursday, July 03, 2014

Remember our Vets This Fourth of July

      Tomorrow is the Anniversary of our nation’s independence, for many that means hanging out with friends and family. Going to the beach, boardwalk, or watching the many firework celebrations that take place on this special day. With our economy still not working well, it isn’t hard to think about the fight for freedom that our forefathers fought on our behalf. Nor is it hard to remember our soldiers who are still out there protecting us. Especially those infantry soldiers who face the beast of tyranny head on. There emotional and physical sacrifices keep us safe. So despite the fact that we have our freedoms still and are able to enjoy them, remember our vets, our soldiers, those who still are serving our country in our military. Their job is thankless, and one many of us could never do.

So take this message from a vet who has served.

     Next week, we'll mark the 238th year of our Nation's independence.  As you hang bunting and flags, fire up the grill, and enjoy the time off, I ask that you remember that our independence and the freedoms we enjoy today came at a price of blood and treasure.  There are many -- military and civilian -- who came before us to fight for our independence and defend it during the past two centuries.  So, on this Independence Day, I'd ask that you remember those who have gone before, but I'd also ask you to reflect on our freedoms that our country has earned and maintain them.  As recent world events show us, freedoms like ours are neither permanent nor guaranteed but they are always precious.
     Also, I'd ask you to remember that this holiday weekend there will be dedicated service members and civilians working hard and standing watch in defense of our country and all it stands for.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and, if you have the opportunity, thank them.  Pass this along.


For this 4th of July have a happy and safe holiday. 

Be sure to thank those who serve and protect our freedoms.

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