Thursday, August 21, 2014

OOP’s They Did it Again When Dr's Screw Up

OOP’s They Did it Again

My first job in life is as a parent to my children. They are what matters and as an adult I need to be their biggest advocate when they need me. A week ago I took my ten-year-old son to the ER, when he turned his ankle playing. No mind you I’m not that parent who thinks everything is someone else’s fault and an excuse to sue someone. Pooh happens when you have kids. The get into trouble at time's accidents and as a parent we do what were supposed to by taking them to the Dr.

All of that is fine and good, but I cannot help but get extremely frustrated when a Dr. dismisses a child’s injury because they aren’t acting like a drama queen screaming, crying and carrying on. My son is tough, especially when he is in front of his friends or strangers. That doesn’t mean he won’t scream like a girl if he cuts himself at home. However as a child he looks up to his dad who is tough, when it comes to injuries. If this was a one shot incident, I don’t believe I would be so upset but the fact that the Dr., who treated him, dismissed his injury as a sprain and entirely missed that his ankle was actually broken. My son will be in a cast for the next six weeks, with strict instructions not to walk on his cast at all.

As a parent, I find this horrifying that a professional would miss a break in a kids' leg. Or not look more closely because he walked in on his own steam at his own insistence. If this had been the only child, I have had this happen with I could possibly understand it, but it isn’t. Almost 15 years ago I went through the exact same thing when my daughter broke both bones in her arm. At the time, the Dr. insisted it was only a bruise and never requested an ex-ray.

My husband and I both questioned it when we saw she was favoring her arm holding it in close to her body. I took her to the ER and insisted on an ex-ray and thankfully the break to both bones were clearly visible. She was casted and eventually healed from the injury. We didn’t sue anyone or even blame anyone for it because bottom line she was alright. My son will be alright as well in time, what upsets me though is that as a soccer player, his season is about to start, and he would have very possibly injured his ankle more severely at the break not been caught.

Having worked in the medical field for almost fifteen years, I do have a tremendous amount of respect for nurses and doctors in the medical field. Their job is not an easy one, nor a responsibility I would want. I know that perhaps this is mostly venting but take this as cautionary. If you have a child or a loved one who doesn’t carry on when they get hurt, don’t allow the medical profession to dismiss them for it. Step up to the plate at tell them, “Hey my son or daughter is a tough cookie, they don’t act like a drama queen when they get hurt. They act like a stoic adult so figure it out and get it right.”

I’ve never been afraid of confronting a professional if I know they are blowing smoke up my behind. Especially if I know they are dead wrong. Instead of suing everyone, maybe we should instead hold them accountable for their mistakes. Call them on it and make them aware they are wrong. Dr.’s can be arrogant and demanding but sometimes they can also be wrong.

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