Saturday, August 23, 2014

When it’s Time to Let Them Go….

When It’s Time to Let Them Go….
     Many parents, not unlike myself are either dropping off their adult children at college or getting ready for that first good-bye. No matter how you slice it, it is still one of the most bittersweet moments in life. As a mother you bring your children into this world, hold them close loving them throughout the years as they grow. You bandage scraped knees, listen to hopes and dreams and give countless hugs and kisses. If you’re lucky your there for the fun crazy times as well as the bad. Our children are our greatest gift, and letting them loose in a world that we know can often be cruel and unkind goes against our very nature.
     It’s a part of letting go, the first big part. This is my third time doing this, and each child was a little bit more heartbreaking as my nest empties out. I know I raised them to be strong young women, each individual and fiercely independent beautiful and unique to me. We know there will be nights we will worry, and want to call just to make sure everything is alright. It isn’t easy stepping back. Releasing them to learn to live on their own. No matter how ready they may think they are, in our heart’s we worry, are they? Ready? Did I teach them all they need to know? Love them as much as I could.

     Will they call me if they get into trouble if they get lonely and just need to talk? Each one is different, leaving for different reasons wanting that first taste of being in charge. At least to a point. I know for myself I dread my daughters going away, it scares me spit-less and gives me cold sweats. In some ways, I wish I could close the door and go with her but I know that isn’t fair to her. She’s earned the right, she did the work and bravely made the choice to go to school in a new city away from home and family.
     That changes a person, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in bad. Until it happens as a parent you don’t know which way it will go, we can only hope and pray that the lessons we taught will stay with them. That they will always remember where home is should they need it as an adult.
     I listened today to a psychologist talk about how many young people go to college and then return home. I almost had to laugh, her view was that it was wrong for adult children to come home for more than a few months. In many ways I disagree.
      I believe that there is strength in numbers but that each of us must find ourselves first. That we as a culture have forgotten that where others have not.
 My baby is leaving home for school, and as I get ready to drop her off in a week the taste is bittersweet. I know the time has come to let her go, let her fly and become who she is meant to be...

A woman of character and strength, a woman I love.

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