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Writing, Book Signings, and Promotion A Tangled Path

Writing, Signings, and Promotion

     I am a new author, so right now I consider myself still on the proverbial learning curve. I know the thought process is, "don't admit that out loud. Don't tell."
      What does that mean you might be asking? Well, it means that since I am self-publishing I will make mistakes from time to time. I don’t have all the answers, and I do have some of the fears many new writers suffer from. My biggest perhaps is setting up the actual date for a book signing. This does terrify me for many reasons. Of course, there is always the favorite, “What if no one likes it? or What if no one shows up?” Writers in some ways are just as sensitive as musicians, and singers who step out onto the stage for that very first performance with a million butterflies in their stomach.
     We come to love our characters; they become in a way, family. Yes, that does include the evil ones we want you to hate. Books have always been a part of my life. I am sure, not unlike many who read voraciously it becomes a haven from the world outside. An escape, if even for only an hour or two that we can steal while riding the bus or subway.
     Had I not found the courage to go back to school and pursue my degree I don’t believe I would have ever worked up the courage to do this? The blog was born from an assignment, and I will be forever thankful to Professor Schaffer for making it homework. For almost three years now I’ve blogged. I shared my journey as I went to school. My ups and downs with my family, kids and pets.
     So here I sit now going back and forth. Racheal Awakened is available on Amazon. It will be available sometime in November for Nook as well. Morrigan Blade of Grace will be available in early 2015. Here's what I have learned during this up and down process.
Lesson one: Don’t do exclusive agreements you lock yourself into something you may not want.
Lesson two: It is worth the investment to work with a professional to design your book jacket. Not that my first cover wasn’t compelling and beautiful, but it wasn’t right.
Lesson three: Find a good editor to work with, I did, and the knowledge they bring to the table will help make the process much easier. Remember your hiring them to do the job, so if you’re not happy with their sample review keep searching.
Lesson four:  Ask questions if you don’t know the answer. Don’t give your rights away to your work or it may not be your work in the end. Sadly that does happen. Also, your book can wind up stuck on a publishing houses shelf until they want to release it.
Lesson five: Take the criticism and make it better. Each step is one closer to where you want to be.
Lesson six: Today more than ever social media is important. If you like my blog, like my book, then like my author page on Facebook. Like it on Amazon as well. Why because that is part of the process, when you’re self-marketing.
     I’m not a self-promoter or a slick salesman, so that part of it is tough for me. I’m not the girl who toots her own horn or smiles pretty for the camera. I’m a doer. That woman making sure things go smoothly, helping, listening, and always trying to pay it forward.
Life is busy; it always has been, and I like it that way.
     So lesson for today, push the fears deep down, take a deep breath and let it ride. If you don’t try, you can’t succeed. You can’t fail either, but then what would be the point if any of it were easy.  So here is my pitch if you like reading my blog, or have read my book please like my Author facebook page, and then follow the link to Amazon and like my author page. At the end of the day, it does make a difference in the world of both Amazon and Facebook. Thank you.   

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