Monday, November 17, 2014

Atlantic City is There a Chance for Rebirth


     Why isn't the 11.9% unemployment rate in Atlantic County getting any media attention? Living here in New Jersey at the shore, I would have to be dead not to know about the casino’s that have closed their doors. The rumors that other casinos are preparing to file for bankruptcy, it is rather frightening if you take a moment to think about it.
     Do that think about the 8,000  hotel employees that are now out of jobs, and the ones who may be shortly? To ignore the ostrich in the center of the room is just plain dumb. So I have to ask myself just what is the plan for Atlantic City? It has been a historical tourist location for families in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as well as for visitors from other countries. So why aren’t we hearing about a plan to change gears and take a different approach revitalizing the area rather than hanging onto the casino’s which are dying?
     The fact is that since other states such as New York and Pennsylvania have earned the right to have gambling in their states the influx of customer to that area has died off drastically. Here’s the thing though, it is as much a part of our New Jersey culture as is skiing, boating, or going to the mountains. Since families began taking time in the summer to relocate to the beach, it has been one of the more long-standing resort areas within New Jersey. In fact, AC was the location for the average man and his family to escape even for a short weekend.
     Please don’t misunderstand I am not against other states having casino’s in their home state. What I am against is watching people suffer when this issue should be on channel twelve news or one of the other national media broadcasters. It should be in the forefront of the media’s attention, & in the people’s attention.
     I don’t have a solution to revitalize an area that is known for its many  internal issues. Unless something changes drastically, it is almost a sure bet that the crime rate will go up extensively there.  At this point though someone does need to come up with a plan to draw business back to AC. To make it the tourist or residual income draw it once was and could be again. Government insists “Sure things are getting better.” I’m just not buying it, and here’s another thought. What happens when the unemployment runs out for those moms and dads who have given their lives to a thankless industry?
     How do you start over when there is nothing there to start with? I could bombard you with statistics and numbers but for tonight I won’t. The only real player in this with any kind of plan seems to be Stockton College. There intent to open a pilot campus in one of the hotels and keep part of the hotel open for business.
     I only ask that you leave a comment either here or on my author page under the blog post. Tell me do you think if the media/Governor/New Jersey Corporations are doing anything to fix this issue they have dumped on New Jersey’s residents lap? What do you think the solution is?

Or do you think we are stepping closer to another great depression?

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