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Honor Our Remaining Veterans

23,234,000 Veteran’s Remaining

Since the birth of this country 41,892,128 Soldiers took up arms and served their country faithfully during times of war. From the birth of the American Revolution to the present day, their job hasn't changed much in over almost a century and a half.
If it’s an enemy, they squash them defending our beliefs and ideals. These men and women have all too often had to take abuses from their enemies that they don’t deserve. Abuse that at times came from right here at home.

 American soldiers have served this country during times of war and peace. If you take that complete figure provided by The US Department of Veteran Affairs and look at only those who served during war times, it is a shocking Statistic. 16,962,000, soldiers who fought for this country are living still today. Men and women from every nationality and walk of life, each soldier who sacrificed a piece of themselves to keep us safe. Sixteen million may not seem like a lot, but that is all that remain.
Those are the ones still alive still living with the high price of being a soldier. Our Vets, I have no doubt would pick up arms to defend their country today if the need arose.
Per The National WWII War Museum 

It takes a certain stamp of character to become a soldier. I would go so far as to say that going in these individuals are one thing and come out from the experience someone completely different. They know what it means to be responsible for the safety of others, to sacrifice all for the greater good.
When life is good, we seem to forget just what it means to serve as a soldier, protecting the rights of all. We forget that it's our job to honor and protect them as well.  It’s easy to forget if you haven’t lived it. If it hasn't touched your life personally. These men and woman carry scars the average person cannot fathom. I find it sad that in a country that wishes to honor our differences and the  individuality of all, we cannot honor the diverse population of men and women who gave their lives fighting for the freedoms we take for granted.
We will take off from work or school, for religious holidays, to honor presidents, and political figures, yet we do no more than mark a date on the calendar to recognize our brave soldiers who gave everything. We cheapen their unselfish behavior in keeping us safe. They protect an ideal that should still matter, and does to most of them.
 It’s a belief that the American people need to have someone watching their backs. That someone has been our soldiers. The same soldiers the media love to condemn, unable in their ignorance to even comprehend what it means to live under hostile conditions. They have to live with knowing that a man, woman, or child who walks around their base during daylight can very well be the same sniper taking shots at them from a building or hilltop.
We as a culture have cheapened their day, "Veterans Day"  into no more than a shopping holiday. Is that really honoring them? Right now in most states Veterans Day is one of the many holidays on the calendar, not unlike Saint Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day that means little or nothing. We as its citizens have done that. Diminished their sacrifice, taking away the honor they each earned.
Having a husband who served his country as a soldier for over twenty-five years I can better understand why our Veterans get pissed off at us. Where their frustration must come from is understandable. Do we treat Veterans Day like any other day? The answer is yes, we as a society have minimized the meaning behind it.
I can say without a doubt that if the need ever arose for our Veterans to defend us here in our own backyard, those that can would do so. They wouldn't run around looking for someone else to do it for them, but would stand firm as the men and woman of honor that they have always been. They would do it far more effectively then you or I could.

 Veterans Day is Tuesday November 11, honor those who sacrifice themselves to keep us safe.  Honor the 23,234,000 Veterans living today. Honor their sacrifice, their courage, their gift. 

Additional Statistics
Living Veterans(Periods of War & Peace) 23,234,000 

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