Thursday, December 11, 2014

Calling All Women !!

     Why should we care about other women?  How, we see each other is important. Sometimes it can be even wrong or unfair. Women have a tendency to put other women into categories, not unlike the ones we often accuse men of putting us in. It’s a habit we need to break.  
      One of the things that has always puzzled me is that we know historically women have been repressed, discriminated against, used and held up to unrealistic ideals both by men and society. There are stories, about strong women throughout history, women of courage, strength, and honor who gave of themselves. Going back to even biblical times women made a tremendous difference in history yet received little or no credit.
     As women, I think we fail each other miserably at times.  We judge each other on appearance, whom we are with, and even how much our income is.  Frankly when we do this we let each other down. Who can honestly say that they have never heard another woman snipe and make biting comments regarding someone else who is unaware? For myself, I find when someone is like that I have to wonder just what they have to say about me when I am not around. Are they as equally biting and hurtful?
     Men, on the other hand, can be just as bitchy yet they cling to an invisible brotherhood code of don’t ask don’t tell. Can I get a copy of the brotherhood code book? I’m sure it would make an interesting and enlightening read.
That “guy code” doesn’t exist among women. It should! Here is a simple truth, if women banded together talked to each other honestly about things we would see we are all basically the same. In your twenties you’re tied up in how you look, your career, and who you’re going to marry. By your thirties if you’re married it’s about family, appearance, and getting ahead.
When you hit your forties things start to change. Unless you’re one of those women trapped into trying to hold on to twenty of course.
     For the rest of us, we begin to relax, at forty. If you're married or not you’re too tired by life to worry about the small stuff. We begin to look inside ourselves to find the answers. The good news is most of us do; we find ourselves. There is a confidence that a woman have as she gets older.  I believe in part it comes from learning to truly love yourself as a person. That doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels and just worry about our own interests. Sharing that positive outlook, that secret self we have found with our younger female friends and children is important. As women, we need to stand together teach each other what it means to be a woman in today’s world.
     The clock is going to continue to tick, despite our best intentions. As older women, we set an example. It’s our responsibility to teach younger women that we should, in fact, be a sisterhood of many. All the time not just when it comes to things like cancer or abuse.
     The choices we make today on how we treat each other will affect our daughters and their daughters.  Women are police officers, soldiers, doctors, and entrepreneurs. We are not afraid to work for what we want. By standing together, truly supporting each other and getting involved we can each make a difference.
     If you’re the kind of person who would stop to rescue a puppy you saw left on the side of the road then this message is for you. This Christmas rescue another woman. If it’s a bag of groceries, babysitting to give someone a break, or even a cup of coffee so you can listen while they talk, just do it. Give one day a month to helping other women who are in need of help.
Calling all women it’s time to pay it forward. Surprise a woman you know or even don’t know with a helping hand. Do something out of your comfort zone for another woman, and you may just be surprised how it makes you feel.

Women for Women International
Women Helping Battered Women
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Saturday, December 06, 2014

I Am A Hot Mess

     We've all had those moments in our lives when we worry ourselves sick. Are we good enough, will we succeed in what we do? We apply for jobs, meet potential mates or possible new friends, and if you’re like most people in the back of your mind, there is a little voice that asks will I be enough?
     From our first day of kindergarten to our first big job interview each of us wants the world we live in to accept who we are. It doesn't matter that as we get older we give ourselves the pep talks about it not mattering if things don’t go the way we may want them to. Because the truth is it does matter, at least on some level.
     I've written my whole life, read thousands of books in my lifetime. It is something I have always been deeply passionate about. Why? Because, it does matter to me. What I have learned over the years though is that not every potential employer is going to love you or think you’re the right fit for the job. Not every man or woman you meet is going to fall in love with you and want forever. Sometimes that’s a blessing.
     People say, "takeoff the rose colored glasses" but when we do something that is a challenge I say, Put those babies on. Wear them loud and proud. See the world through the clouded view rather than the harsh view others may try to force us to believe. It’s how we get through, how we don’t let the harshness of life steal our dreams.
     In life, we all fall down sometimes but if you’re smart you get back up. Thomas Edison preformed thousands of experiments, and there were people who told him to give it up that his inventions were a waste of time. But he didn’t.
I can admit I am what you would call a hot mess. I am constantly going in, to many different directions to count. When I’m writing, I lose all track of time and place. I make mistakes, fall on my face and hit walls that life puts in my way. I’m not the best mother, wife, or friend but at the end of the day I am me, and that’s good enough for them. It’s good enough for me.
     So when that little voice is whispering in your ear that you’re going to fall on your face, fail, crash and burn or that you should just give up. Push the imp in the mud and keep going. Put on your rose colored glasses and take on the world, by storm.   

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