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The Road to Publication With Shane Press and The Pathkeeper Chronicles

Shane Press and The Pathkeeper Chronicles

Authors write for a myriad of reasons, today the industry is ever changing, evolving. Between Indie writers self-publishing, and traditional authors utilizing agents and publishing houses the market is flooded with new authors every day. No one can deny that the market is dynamic, and the smart publishing houses are altering their marketing to meet the needs of their clients. This series is dedicated to the unpublished authors out there. Those who struggle every day to get their words down on paper. Men and women whose idea’s and journey of where they want their story to go can often change midstream, leaving them facing roadblocks that they must overcome.
The goal is to help new and unpublished authors see the struggles their peers go through during their process. The decisions, expenses, and hard work involved in how different people bring a book to market for the public. If you have a question you would like to have answered, or think would be helpful please email me through and I will help find answers for you.
The series begins with author Shane Press, to follow is the interview we had where I was able to ask some pointed questions about his process in writing. Which path he intends to go and how he found his niche. I was fortunate enough to meet with Shane Press and his fiancĂ© Theresa over breakfast at “Shut Up and Eat” in Toms River, New Jersey. He was willing to discuss his process and what does and doesn’t work for him.
Shane’s current project is tentatively titled "The Pathkeeper Chronicles, is subtitled: Rise of a Warrior". The novel is a Sci-fi saga about a society of Lizard like characters he came up with as a kid while playing D&D.  His demeanor becomes animated as he speaks about his character Shiff, and how he developed into what he is today. That is one of the things about Shane that I found fascinating over the course of our interactions; he was thoughtful and passionate about his writing one could say a breath of fresh air.
Writing and rewriting parts when he isn't happy with them, he will painstakingly work until it develops into a flowing chapter. We all do this in different ways, but having been allowed to read his writing I can honestly say that his hard work leave the reader  with something special.
I look forward to the completion of his first novel in the series. The writing itself is brilliant, drawing the reader into a world that is uniquely different from many sci-fi books of this nature. It is little wonder that his favorite authors are Tolkien and John Green. Tolkien for his brilliance as a writer and John Green for both his writing and his use of his celebrity for inspiration and altruistic endeavors. Simply put he gives back, in a positive way and not due to a personal agenda.
     Shane’s writing style is not unlike Tolkien’s in that his story has the potential to become something truly epic and beautiful. Right away as a reader I was drawn in, wanting to read more. He showed me his world in such a subtle way that it is immediately comfortable and welcoming. I wanted to be a part of that world, the world of the “Drakna” who were servants of the gods, a society of Lizard like characters.
How do his characters differ?
“Mine is humanoid Velociraptors they aren't vegetarian, or just carnivores, and they are not cold blooded. You won’t find them in the swamp. I wanted to make them distinct. No boobs." he jokes,  "I hate how a lot of guys give them breasts, dinosaurs didn't have breasts, and lizards don’t.” He laughs briefly shaking his head his humor apparent as he speaks.
“Feathers, distinguish the sexes. The females have feathers either on the crown or neck and shoulders and the males don’t.”
I asked him, “Where he found inspiration for his writing,” Pausing he looked down at the table gathering his thoughts.
“I don’t find inspiration in one place, I keep a notepad on me and I write down ideas as they come. Movies, games, music trailer music from groups like “Two Steps from Hell”. Sometimes in music like that I can write out a scene.” He laughs when he says this, fidgeting in his chair. “I’m ADD so staying focused at times is hard.”
Changing the subject, I asked if he followed a deadline when he wrote like some authors will do. Giving me a big smile, his answer was almost shy.
“Deadlines, nothing hard, or feels like a deadline. Although there have been times, it did help.”
Relaxing back in his chair, he grins.
“I’d like to get it done before my obituary though.” Turning more serious he continues.
 “I would like to get it done before I turn thirty.”
“Do you think it's easier today to be a writer?” I ask watching him. He and Theresa share a glance and a smile before he answers. I can tell they've discussed this already before he answers.
“Yes, because if you have something to say there are many ways to say it, blogs, podcasts, writing. There are more opportunities to have a positive influence on the world. Being successful at it though is harder. The quality of the work just doesn't seem to be their today.”
At this point Theresa answers, smiling.
“Today it doesn't have to be good it has to make money.”
One of the things Shane was clear on was his desire to go the traditional route. Very determined he indicated he was aiming to make his book appeal to the YA and Scholastic market.
    “I’m already looking into Writers House Agency, and hope to publish through Tor Publishing.” Thoughtful for a moment he adds.
“There are a lot of IF’s in this business but I feel for me the potential to earn a living makes it worth the higher % that go to the agents and publishers. It’s worth it! There are a lot of pro’s and con’s either way but for me that’s the direction I want to try to go first.”
“So what advice would you give other writers out there struggling like yourself to get that first novel written?”
     Shane smiles, his dark brown eyes sparkling. “Just Shut up and write, its advice I should follow.”
      Shane Press is one of many writers out there following a dream. What makes him special, he has the courage to do it. Good bad or indifferent he is writing. At the conclusion of this interview as we parted company I was reminded that sometimes the most incredible stories come from the journeys we take in our lives. Shane is taking his journey living and writing with a loving supportive partner. Some journeys need to be taken with the right person by your side and he is off to a great start.  

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