Saturday, March 07, 2015

Stop Torturing Yourself When You Edit

Final Edit-Make it Fun

Temptation can be a good thing.
     Editing a book can be boring, especially when you self-publish like I do. I know there are some authors out there who may disagree with me on this, but I’ve found this to be helpful and fun. When it comes to the final edits, you do before sending your manuscript off to the publisher or press.
     Invite some friends over and make it a night, I usually will try for six friends that I know are into reading and are good at catching typo’s and grammar issues that sometimes get missed. Let’s face it no one is perfect and you can show three people the same sentence and get three totally different opinions on what is grammatically correct. Give each a highlighter and let them go through it.
      Order pizza or have desert. I usually will do coffee tea and desert. Everyone will get two to three chapters and get to read through their sections. A different pair of eyes can catch something your eyes may glide right over. To be honest think about it, when you go through the editing process you read and re-read your book at least four to five times. Keep it interesting and fun, another plus is you get to spend some time with friends who have your back and will be honest.

     Some of the most important changes I’ve ever made happened because someone caught something after the editing process. You can’t blame your editor they’ve done their part. It’s your story, and those last minute tweaks can mean the difference between a so-so book and something that makes you truly proud.  I’m fortunate enough to have some wonderful friends who are willing to give their time and like getting a sneak peak.
     As a writer, it can be fun, allowing  you get a bird’s eye view to people’s reactions to your writing. You can see what is working and what might not be.

     So when you hit that point before you submit to a publisher or upload your book for the world to see call a couple of friends. Buy some cupcakes or food and have a get together to do one final read through. You’ll be glad you did.

Look for the second article on new unpublished authors to follow in my next post. Happy writing, and a special thank you to my friends who came out tonight to read through my latest book and help with the final editing.

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