Monday, December 07, 2015

Second Amendment Why It Matters

   What no one can deny whether liberal or conservative is that we already have the laws on the books to address gun violence. The real issue is enforcement of the existing laws. So regardless of which party you favor this is a simple fact.          
      What is and should be at issue for all Americans today is why aren’t these laws being enforced? What possible reason would our current president have for not pushing to have department of Justice take action using the laws already on the books? For that matter, why haven’t Hillary, Sanders, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, Paul, Kasich, Christie, Huckabee, or the rest of the establishment politicians pushed for the same? The only two candidates on the current political field who have a leg to stand on are Carson & Trump.
     For a sitting Governor to not use the existing federal laws to address gun violence is inexcusable. The same is true for the Senators that are currently in office and running for President. The truth is politicians can spew statistic, and rant at how much more experience they have then anyone else, but if they don’t use the tools that are available, then they have already failed and do not deserve anyone’s vote.
     I believe in our 2nd amendment rights, that right is a part of our earliest inception as a country and people should remember that. If you don’t think this right is important, look into our history, the moment a civilization loses its right to protect itself it begins to fall quickly under tyranny. Just look at Hitler, Stalin and other societies where dictators rule.
     What makes our country great and unique is our diversity. We aren’t just one group we are a grouping of many from many lands. We are a culture of people who are willing to fight to protect each other. It is why we have a military that is diverse. It is why all live matter in this country.
      Ideals are a wonderful thing to have but if you focus only on the idea's, you will give up your freedom without a fight. To passively sit on the sidelines ridiculing others who don't agree is not very Liberal. For some, that is a life choice, but for most of us it isn’t a right we want to relinquish. There is a reason there were Tory’s and Rebels during the American Revolution. Tory’s were fine even happy under England’s rule, but the Rebels were the ones who created this country and fought for our freedom. Rebels were referred to as upstarts, traitors, rabble-rousers and discontents.Perhaps it is time to remember that.
     There is nothing wrong with being a Rebel, in fact, George Washington, Jefferson, & Paul Revere were Rebels, frankly I think thats  excellent company to stand with.  

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