Friday, January 08, 2016

Donald Trump Storms Vermont

Trump in Vermont

     Donald Trump stormed the barn in Vermont last night by holding a rally in Bernie Sanders stomping ground. It is of little surprise that Bernie Protesters would show up to vent their spleen during his rally or that they would then be expelled from the event. While everyone else is scrambling for position in Iowa Trump not only redirected the attention to Vermont but he also managed to supersede Obama’s town hall on gun control. If that isn’t brilliance I don’t know what is.
     Despite the many interruptions anyone who watched and listened could clearly see Trump kept his cool even going so far as to praise the protesters for having the gumption to show up for their cause. Unfortunately many of the protesters chose to use profanity swearing at Trump and the pro Trump crowd as they were escorted out. He did in fact say keep their coats, (jokingly) but I wouldn’t have blamed them if they did considering the people who came to actually support Trump who didn’t get in and were out in the cold. Sometimes the little lessons can be kinder. Just saying.
    A word of advice to the Bernie supporters, right now your fight isn’t with Trump it’s with Hillary Clinton who your candidate is currently fighting against. You might make a more profound impact if you actually showed up and protested against Hillary or even Bill Clinton rallies. Just saying, a little foresight people.
            No matter who your candidate is, it will be interesting to see how things roll out in Iowa and New Hampshire. I think the media and political elites will be disappointed once again just as they were as Donald Trump rose in the polls. Americans are sick and tired of both the media and political elites twisting facts. I was surprised when Greta tried to twist the question asked of Trump by the Washington Post to make it sound like he was mudslinging against Ted Cruz. Shame on you Greta bad reporting.

     So here is my advice to all, if you are experienced with the Iowa caucuses and are voting for Donald Trump take the time to help those new Trump supports get it right. If Trump wins we all win, it’s as much about we the American people as it is about Trump. 

Side note: What is a little sad to me is the majority of protesters where college age students supporting Berine. As parents that should scare us more then anything. Our young people want the socialist hand outs  and think that is how the world works. Grownups already know the pitfalls of socialism and the damage it truly causes. America was built on the idea that if you work hard you can get ahead, not socialism. Those freedoms are what we should be fighting for, they are the same freedoms that allow you to protest.

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