Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump Supporters Beware The Dirty is Going to Get Messy

When little known Chris McDaniel beat entrenched republican senator Thad Cochran in the first Mississippi primary of 2014 it triggered a series of events that became known simply as “Mississippi ’14“.
The entrenched DC republican elite developed a plan to destroy McDaniel before the run-off primary.  They decided to call McDaniel a racist, pay for print and broadcast attack ads, request help from black Mississippi pastors, and pay Democrats, preachers and voters to vote in the run-off election.  Republicans in DC attacking a republican outsider.
Their Machiavellian plan worked.  In the run-off Chris McDaniel again beat Thad Cochran with republican voters, but the paid-to-vote Democrats lifted Cochran back onto the throne in the elite Republican Chamber.
Against the desperation of a South Carolina victory for Donald Trump, and now a Nevada victory for Donald Trump, the DC Republican team have re-enlisted the exact same players to roll out a similar nuclear attack approach against the ‘outsider republican’.
Appearing on Bloomberg News the former Mississippi architect, Stuart Stevens, and Mississippi financier/bag-man, Henry Barbour, who carried out the Mississippi Strategy – openly admit their intent to use the same level of vitriol to remove Donald Trump.
stevens - halprin - barbour
(L-R) Stuart Stevens – Mark Halprin – Henry Barbour
See the Video Here (at 23:10) as Stuart Stevens and Henry Barbour are assembled again to discuss the process of “taking down Trump”.  Stevens fully admits to the Mississippi 2014 strategy and how it will work in 2016 against Donald Trump.
So how do they do it?  Simple, it’s war – a thermonuclear political war.  There are no boundaries, there are no rules, there is nothing too far, there is nothing held back.
They run attack ads, they’ll shout names and make up malicious smears; they’ll follow the candidate around to make noise at rallies; they lie about anything and everything; they’ll pay anyone and everyone to assist, and they don’t care if the high-information voter knows what they are doing; it’s all part of the overall scorched earth plan.
They’ll pay people to do and say anything, ANYTHING.  Winning is all that counts.  Destroying the opponent is all that matters. Every means justifies that end. Period.
The GOPe have already hired actresses and actors to appear in the attack ads and to make personal appearances, as actors, during Trump events.   The hiring agency is Talent Direct Agency (TDA) – The actors and production teams are working out the script details right now.
More than likely the construct begins tomorrow with the CNN debate.  Expect a full media assist from an ideological corporate media empire who also has skin in the game and corporate ownership who also see candidate Donald Trump as a risk.
A thrilled attendee for the bloodbath, NRO’s Charles Cooke, puts it this way:
[…]  Tomorrow night, as they stand on either side of Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz must find their resolve and all-but-machine-gun the man to the floor.
charles cooke
This loser isn't even American or a citizen.
Without breaks for water or silence for applause, they must explain that Trump is an entitled mess whose business record is so questionable that he managed to bankrupt a casino; that he is an unashamed fraud who didn’t even wait to be elected president before folding on Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, exactly like the “feckless” Congress he is running against; that he is feigning religiosity to appeal to people he believes are rubes; and, above all, that whatever he may be pretending now, he has spent a lifetime screwing the little guy.
They must repeat verbatim his previous words on amnesty; they must outline in detail how his policies will make life worse for everyone; and they must point out that a Trump nomination designed to “mix things up” will result, eventually, in more of the same.
In the meantime, conservatives who are not running for president must ensure that every spare dollar is spent attacking Trump. Melt down the fences if you have to; we need long-range bombers here.
If Donald Trump can flood the airwaves with his nonsense, his opponents can counter it incessantly. And while they are at it, they can tie him up in court, just as he’s trying to do to Cruz. There are a good number of “just asking” questions ready to be put to them, among them “Trump’s mother was Scottish, can he really be president?” and “Trump ran a host of scams designed to rip off the poor; surely one of them would like to sue him?”
Thus far, part of Trump’s media strategy has been to say something outrageous and then to move on before it can be rebutted or fact-checked. Why are his rivals not doing the same thing to him? Why, moreover, are the men in charge of the big guns all-but flirting with the snipers on the other side?  (read more)
Perhaps now you can better appreciate why Mitt Romney is joining the effort and throwing anything against the wall to see if it will stick:
On Wednesday’s “Your World” on FOX News, former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney told Neil Cavuto that Donald Trump’s tax returns may prove he hasn’t been honest about his money.
Romney suggests the bombshell could include him lying about his wealth or that he has not made all those charity donations he claims to have made.(link)
You see, it doesn’t actually matter if there’s any truth to the claim, the goal is to create an absurd hurricane wind of inbound attacks driven with increasing ferocity by the corporate media who will demand the candidate to respond.
In Mississippi 2014 Chris McDaniel was not racist, nor was there anything remotely linking him to anything racist; the goal is to push the candidate away from their campaigning, the truth is irrelevant.
Once the GOPe force the candidate away from campaigning, then they begin selling the false story and using the actors/actresses, or preachers, to deliver an outcome.
By the time the next debate on Fox comes around, well, it’ll be peak DEFCON-5 thermonuclear political button pushing because, quite simply, they have nothing to lose.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Untruth Fact About Donald Trump Jan 22nd 2016

If you are still undecided about Trump or confused about what he has said. I recommend you watch this video. It is a breakdown of the media misquotes, and spin that has been attributed to Donald Trump.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Trump is it really in the details?

Do the details matter? 

I’ve followed our elections for many years now, and the one thing that almost always amazes me is how quickly the media will turn on a elected President, who doesn’t do what they say they will. One reason they can point a finger at politicians is because of one tiny little question. “What are the details of your plan?”
I watched G.W.Bush give such details; Bill Clinton did so as well and least we not forget Obama our current commander and chief. Here’s the thing, no matter who you vote for, who you support being told the details right now is a big fat lie. Not one candidate can honestly give you real details and if they do so they are categorically lying to you the voter. Until we elect our candidate, the details don’t matter. They don’t matter right now because none have access to all of the facts, doesn’t matter if they are a governor, senator, or businessman. The actual reality is that no one has all the facts at this point. It is a deceitful leading question that our media likes to put out there to trap both candidates and promote their choices.
Do your homework if you don’t believe me. Once in office, some of our past presidents have kept their word, but the details have had to change and adjust because of the circumstances they walked into when taking office.
So when I hear a reporter demand details or a person at a rally ask for details for me I have more faith in the ones who don’t give me some big elaborate plan that will never be. I would rather a Donald Trump, who refuses to lie to the American people then give them a plan that isn’t based on fact. Smart people know that in tackling any task in life, you need all of the facts. So the next time a reporter asks a candidate how are you going to take out ISIS, or how are you going to fix the deficit listen carefully to what they aren’t saying because that is the candidate you want. Someone who has a goal, but who knows the way in which you can attack a problem that may repeatedly change before it can happen. I would rather have someone who will be honest enough not to lie to me. So for now candidates your position is what matters not the minutia details the media may use to trip you up. Don’t fall for their game knowing your intent is what we need. Knowing how you feel about position matters, not the tiny details that would make any one of you a liar.
Please be sure to vote, the only way change can happen is if we do our part. As always hug a vet today, be sure to support those who have served to protect us. 

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