Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Trump is it really in the details?

Do the details matter? 

I’ve followed our elections for many years now, and the one thing that almost always amazes me is how quickly the media will turn on a elected President, who doesn’t do what they say they will. One reason they can point a finger at politicians is because of one tiny little question. “What are the details of your plan?”
I watched G.W.Bush give such details; Bill Clinton did so as well and least we not forget Obama our current commander and chief. Here’s the thing, no matter who you vote for, who you support being told the details right now is a big fat lie. Not one candidate can honestly give you real details and if they do so they are categorically lying to you the voter. Until we elect our candidate, the details don’t matter. They don’t matter right now because none have access to all of the facts, doesn’t matter if they are a governor, senator, or businessman. The actual reality is that no one has all the facts at this point. It is a deceitful leading question that our media likes to put out there to trap both candidates and promote their choices.
Do your homework if you don’t believe me. Once in office, some of our past presidents have kept their word, but the details have had to change and adjust because of the circumstances they walked into when taking office.
So when I hear a reporter demand details or a person at a rally ask for details for me I have more faith in the ones who don’t give me some big elaborate plan that will never be. I would rather a Donald Trump, who refuses to lie to the American people then give them a plan that isn’t based on fact. Smart people know that in tackling any task in life, you need all of the facts. So the next time a reporter asks a candidate how are you going to take out ISIS, or how are you going to fix the deficit listen carefully to what they aren’t saying because that is the candidate you want. Someone who has a goal, but who knows the way in which you can attack a problem that may repeatedly change before it can happen. I would rather have someone who will be honest enough not to lie to me. So for now candidates your position is what matters not the minutia details the media may use to trip you up. Don’t fall for their game knowing your intent is what we need. Knowing how you feel about position matters, not the tiny details that would make any one of you a liar.
Please be sure to vote, the only way change can happen is if we do our part. As always hug a vet today, be sure to support those who have served to protect us. 

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