Saturday, March 05, 2016

Attention All Trump Supporters Listen UP IMPORTANT!!!

Its now or Never..
Attention All Trump Supporters Listen UP Its WAR!
We all can see what is currently going on in Washington within the Establishment. They have decided to target our candidate, not just a couple of super-pacs but en-mass. So here is the way I see it and I hope you will agree and retweet this post to Donald & the Trump team so they know we are on their side. Retweet it over and over so we can let him know we support him. 
Never before in the history of this country has our liberty been more at risk. The Washington Establishment, Conservative Elites, Big donors, Lobbyist’s, Media, Mitt Romney, & Paul Ryan have all teamed up to pile drive our pick. Not fair odds by any standard which I think we can all agree. It’s time to untie Donald’s hands and let the dogs of war go after these jerks.  
Time to unleash the dogs!
So please let us all tell Donald it’s time to allow a super Pac to support him. We know there have been a few that he has asked to disband. It’s time for Donald’s friends to pull together for him to put their money where their mouth is and take out these jerks. 
There is no person on this earth who doesn’t have some kind of past, and I will be the first to admit Trump isn’t perfect but he is our candidate. Our choice. Cruz and Rubio have pulled dirty tricks, implying vulgar things. Things I know truthfully most men would not stand for without defending. Women well we don’t really care if someone questions our womanhood. That isn’t what politics is about and it shouldn’t be. Cruz is bad news, but let’s be honest here they aren’t going to allow him to have the nomination either. It is just how corrupt things are in Washington. You have had countless people come out and say the same thing. Time to wake up. So I am asking you to band together, to let Mr. Trump know unequivocally we want him to allow super Pac’s to support him. Allow them to do the dirty work and go after these dirty & corrupt system. We all know Trump is Trump he won’t bend a knee to any special interest. The man is just to ornery for that. But Cruz will, he is indebted up to his eyeballs. 
Please take a screen shot of this post, and send it to everyone on Trumps team. Tell him, “Time to unleash the dogs Sir. Time to give em hell as we take our country back. No mercy now.”  
God Bless Our Vets & the ones in your life.

Its More then Just a Dream

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