Saturday, October 08, 2016

Trump Old News is New for Some

So, everyone and their brother are hot and bothered over Donald Trump making some objectionable comments 11 years ago, in private, to another man. Of course the media is all over this, that is their MO. Ignore the 2000 emails released regarding real corruption and focus on Trump with feigned outrage because he used some dirty words & was lusting after a woman.
News flash, if you are so hot and bothered about objectifying women then “Hey Fox”, yah better pull Empire off the TV because Lucious Lyon got a hummer on national TV from his assistant. Then his wife got hers from the UPS delivery guy. Of course we can include Sex in the City, and let’s not forget Katie Perry, Miley Cyrus, who regularly put out sexually explicit songs and videos. We won’t even touch on rap music or rock where unless you’re degrading women or killing people you’re not cool.

     “Am I the only one who sees the complete hypocrisy of any news outlet pretending outrage after ignoring the Bill Clinton Rapes 20 years ago? Or their covering for and dismissing of the many political sexual misconduct allegations of our politicians? “
     Donald Trump is not unlike millions of other males in the world. He talks trash with other men, most of the male population does. Its only when their own dirty little secrets come out that the outrage gets brushed under the carpet. What is fundamentally wrong with the Republican party is that there is no actual loyalty unless you’re an elite. Democrats, I will give credit to they stick together and actually defend each other no matter how dirty one of them is.
     Now here’s the reality check, does any of this crap change my vote? No it doesn’t. Why you may be asking yourself, because we need an ASSHOLE in chief who is able to deal with all the evil that is out there and Donald Trump has proven he is capable of doing so. He has my support because that is what we need.
      Washington is corrupt, the DOJ is corrupt, the FBI is corrupt, the media is corrupt, and both political parties are as dirty as you can get. We have ISIS breathing down our necks, politicians pushing for a new world order that we are supposed to give up our sovereignty for. Illegal immigration is strangling everyone in this country, & our faith is under a genocidal attack. That includes, Christians, Buddhists, Jews & Mormons. There is a religious war going on and we need to wake up.

      I don’t care what Donald Trump said in private because the reality is when he got off that bus he was both courteous and a gentleman to the woman who escorted him inside.  He didn’t grope her, or force her to do anything. 
No one alive today is stupid enough not to know that when you’re a rich celebrity & at the time he was many temptations are readily available. No one is perfect, and to the Republican rats out there Ryan, Chaffetz, & others, your disloyal and weak and don’t deserve our support as voters. I know I won’t vote for a weak two-faced candidate and I hope you won’t either. But I will be voting for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. 

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