Thursday, May 04, 2017

Fallon's Fighting Chance

Hello, my name is Chrissy and I am a Vet Tech for a veterinarian's office in ocean county. This angel puppy was brought into my job on May 1st from its breeder due to her being unable to eat solid food without throwing up. After one of our Veterinarians examined her, it was determined she has a condition involving her right aorta arch that causes megaesophagus. This is the reason as to why she's been unable to keep solid food down.  Due to the cost of the open heart surgery she needs in order to live a normal dog life, the breeder decided on having her euthanized.  After watching this little puppy so filled with life getting prepared to be euthanized, I had to intervene and ask if the breeder would relinquish her to me so I could give this puppy a chance at life. She will require a lot of care after surgery in order to get to where she needs to be health wise, but it's a job I know I can accomplish. This puppy deserves a fair chance at life and I'm willing to do whatever I need to in order for that to happen. The money I raise will go towards the open heart surgery and care she will need for right after. Please consider donating to this worthy cause, this little puppy stands a chance to live! Thank you.

The young lady who stepped up and took on this adorable little puppy is my daughter. She is a recent graduate from college for vet techs so her income is not a great one. Yet despite student loans, a dilapidated car she had the courage to step in and help by adopting a puppy that would be considered disabled were she human. That takes heart and courage.
Please follow the link to the go fund me page and help out if you can. Even a small donation will help with the overwhelming medical bills this surgery is costing her. Have a heart and support this young in her effort to make a difference in a life. 

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